Music and Society

Now to comment on modern music and its affect on society.

We all know there are some raunchy songs out there. Most mainstream rap songs mention sex at least once. A lot of the time, we listen and sing along to these songs without giving them a second thought.

This link illustrates this. It makes the point that we are so against many things that the songs we listen to talk about. So why do we listen to them? Everyone can admit that our modern-day culture is very tainting to young people, and huge part of our culture is music and musicians. Therefore, these crude songs are contaminating our culture.

Now, I do not think listening to these songs is a sin (unless they are causing you to sin i.e. you are getting sexually excited by them), but I do think it is an occasion of sin. Filling our brains with the dirty messages makes us immune to the themes. Once sexually objectifying women is deemed “normal” to us, we know that we have gone way too far.


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