My Anaconda DON’T

Here is an example of a raunchy song, related to my previous post:

(I posted the lyric version because the music video is extremely inappropriate….look it up at your own discretion)

This is Anaconda by Nicki Minaj. The point is very sexual, which is very obvious after listening to it. It’s songs like these that poison our culture, especially because so many young people listen to it. And not only is it disgusting, it is pointless. “If music be the fruit of love,” then why sing about unimportant and shallow things? Music is a beautiful gift from God, why waste it on filth like this? If you’re going to sing about something, make sure you and I can get something from it. I can’t imagine that Nicki Minaj was inspired to sing about her “buns.”

I get it, though. It’s a catchy song. There have been times when it comes on the radio and I leave it there for a second, chuckling. So I am not condemning you for listening to it. I just want you to bear in mind how much more music is; it’s not just a catchy tune.


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