This link address why music makes us feel. It is such a good question…I wonder this all the time. The link does not answer the question, however, because we don’t know the answer. But, it does link the emotional power of music to speech and movement. In other words, it may make us feel because it reminds us of other people or the things around us.

It’s something about the melodies and rhythms that make music so appealing. Certain sounds have certain connotations. But I have no idea why we like rhythm…maybe because we like pattern? Maybe music is just s representation of life; everything we like in life, we like in music. Just a theory.


One thought on “feels.

  1. martab0203

    I like how you tracked the way music affects us to ancient philosophers! It’s so interesting to know that music has always affected us in a way that reflects the mystery of God’s beauty



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