Hip-Hop Influences


I barely need to further explain because this about sums it all up. It talks about the genre hip-hop and  how its disturbing and downright immoral lyrics do influence the listener (of course, this is not targeting all hip-hop songs). It lists some examples of songs with themes of misogamy, violence, rape, etc. to prove how nasty these songs can be. He then makes the point that we can’t ignore these songs…they really do have an influence! They make the listener think its okay to do the things the rapper sings about. Plus, why should we support people who do such things, since hip-hop music is known for its “seal of authenticity”?

My favorite part of the article is when the author asks a very important question: “does life imitate art or does art imitate life?”


One thought on “Hip-Hop Influences

  1. thorntonmonica7

    Yes! Emma, this is very similar to what I’m writing about on my blog! It’s really sad to think that these themes are so prevalent in today’s societies. I mean, most of these things have occurred throughout all of history just on a smaller scale, or kind of on the down low. Also, society has never accepted these moral ills as much as they do today. I like how you also address the fact that exposing ourselves to this kind of music will have an effect on us. We should strive to stay away from things that can make roadblocks on our path to salvation.



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