A Beautiful Ballad

Today I would like to talk about a certain song in particular. The song is Oblivion by Bastille. (If you don’t listen to this band, you should check them out.)

In this ballad, the singer serenades his lover. He asks her if she is “going to age with grace” because he plans on being with her for years to come. He then implies that she is going through a lot of emotional pain, maybe depression. He wants to fully be there for her, but he knows that is impossible. He wants to follow her into “oblivion.”

Most every song you hear nowadays is about love/attraction/sex/etc. and this song is a prime example of a beautiful love song. It is obvious that the singer actually loves the girl because of how much he wants to be there for her. It is also refreshing that the song deals with realistic themes in a relationship, like one of the partners going through a hard time. The sweet and graceful tune combined with the touching lyrics makes for an awesome song. This is music.


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