Plato + Music

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.” -Plato

I love this quote because it exhibits the beauty and purpose of music. The fact that Plato, one of the most brilliant minds, was able to see how powerful music really is makes it that more meaningful. There is something beautiful to music and there is a reason we blast it through our speakers everywhere we go. It isn’t just an unexplained feeling or a coincidence. Nowadays, the common way is to ignore the reason and rhyme that is behind our entire existence. Everything that is is for no reason. But God had and has a plan for everything that is, and to turn a blind eye to that is ignorant. The same goes for music. There are reasons that we enjoy it so much and it has been so prevalent throughout history…..


Yet Another Ballad

Here is another example of a love song. Stay With Me by Sam Smith

In this song, the singer repeatedly asks his lover to stay with him after a one-night-stand. He obviously feels some connection toward his partner but knows that it is not love. I think this song is a prime example of the damage “sleeping around” can do to someone. Although it is a very emotional song, it is sad that this song is glorified so much. People think what really is a song about sex is some beautiful love ballad. On the other hand, I do think it is interesting to show the how painful this situation can be for people versus the way other songs totally glamorize immoral behaviors. Unlike Oblivion, despite its hard-hitting piano chords, this song does not showcase pure love, the human love that imitates God’s love for us.

A Beautiful Ballad

Today I would like to talk about a certain song in particular. The song is Oblivion by Bastille. (If you don’t listen to this band, you should check them out.)

In this ballad, the singer serenades his lover. He asks her if she is “going to age with grace” because he plans on being with her for years to come. He then implies that she is going through a lot of emotional pain, maybe depression. He wants to fully be there for her, but he knows that is impossible. He wants to follow her into “oblivion.”

Most every song you hear nowadays is about love/attraction/sex/etc. and this song is a prime example of a beautiful love song. It is obvious that the singer actually loves the girl because of how much he wants to be there for her. It is also refreshing that the song deals with realistic themes in a relationship, like one of the partners going through a hard time. The sweet and graceful tune combined with the touching lyrics makes for an awesome song. This is music.

Modern Music Yo.

This article is very self-explanatory. There is an obvious link between the music that is popular and the standards of society; it’s no wonder morality is suffering. There are many factors that contribute to these social norms, so it is unfair to blame it all on music. It is also difficult to explain how music affects our culture to someone who continually asks “How?” But there is an obvious problem when we’re singing along to songs about rape. You may not agree that all these things are immoral, like drug abuse, immodesty, premarital sex, etc, but you must be able to agree that today’s music is definitely promoting it.

I do think its safe to ask which came first, the chicken or the egg…

Be Careful What You Listen To…

This link addresses the question on whether or not music affects our moral choices. A new study suggests that it in fact does because our outside influences heavily determine our moral standpoints. Although we may have moral beliefs, what happens in the moment can completely go against our standards. Also, the music we listen to can desensitize us to many immoral acts. I think this link more relates to immediate feelings and reactions and does not answer the question of how music affects our whole being. Despite this, it is still very interesting.

You Are Mine.

Whenever this song comes on at Mass, I go crazy. It fills me with so much emotion. The message just speaks to me. I really feel that God loves me more than anything and that He will always be there for me. Of course I feel this way because the lyrics are so meaningful, but the tune is also a big contributing factor. Its melody is so soft and beautiful that it makes you feel the love of God. Music is powerful, just saying.

Hip-Hop Influences

I barely need to further explain because this about sums it all up. It talks about the genre hip-hop and  how its disturbing and downright immoral lyrics do influence the listener (of course, this is not targeting all hip-hop songs). It lists some examples of songs with themes of misogamy, violence, rape, etc. to prove how nasty these songs can be. He then makes the point that we can’t ignore these songs…they really do have an influence! They make the listener think its okay to do the things the rapper sings about. Plus, why should we support people who do such things, since hip-hop music is known for its “seal of authenticity”?

My favorite part of the article is when the author asks a very important question: “does life imitate art or does art imitate life?”