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A Quote From Aristotle

“Music directly imitates the passions or states of the soul…when one listens to music that imitates a certain passion, he becomes imbued with the same passion; and if over a long time he habitually listens to music that rouses ignoble passions, his whole character will be shaped to an ignoble form.” – Aristotle

This quote goes along with the themes I’ve been discussing in my recent blog posts. Aristotle believed that music very much influences our passions which then influence our actions. We are a race of weak-willed people. We fall for sin extremely easily, and means such as music can make it less or more easy to do so. I have been focusing a lot on how inappropriate music has a negative effect on us, but appropriate and beautiful music can similarly have a positive effect on us! Think about when you listen to a Beethoven song and you feel the tune flow through you…it moves your good passions. Even think about when you are listening to a tender love ballad and think about your lover or even an imaginary one, you feel passions of love. This is how real music should make you feel. Music is a great thing…but like I’ve said many a time, we must discern the good from the bad. And we can do this in some way by observing how a song makes you feel.




This link address why music makes us feel. It is such a good question…I wonder this all the time. The link does not answer the question, however, because we don’t know the answer. But, it does link the emotional power of music to speech and movement. In other words, it may make us feel because it reminds us of other people or the things around us.

It’s something about the melodies and rhythms that make music so appealing. Certain sounds have certain connotations. But I have no idea why we like rhythm…maybe because we like pattern? Maybe music is just s representation of life; everything we like in life, we like in music. Just a theory.



This is a long, information packed link, so let’s just talk about the beginning.

The point of this link is that music has a great influence on us. Things are easier to remember and know if they are set to a tune, for example, the alphabet. Plato states in The Republic that music and formation of character are very much connected. But perhaps instead of using music to channel to the “good, noble, and just” we form “passionate attachments to [our] own needs, wants, and feelings.”

I ultimately agree with the beginning of this article. I think that music does have a big influence on our feeling, especially. But that does not mean we should oversell it. Just because a kid listens to rock music does not mean he or she is selfish. Music is a very personal thing, so it makes sense that when we listen to it, we draw into ourselves. But then again, some music we have is good party music, and therefore brings people together. There are different types of music with different effects, which is the cool thing about it.

So the questions is: Does music actually have a profound influence on character?

My answer would be “yeah, sure.” Music affects us, of course, but it does not completely steer our character. It is important to acknowledge that many people listen to music for entertainment purposes. And I fully support that! God gave us this amazing gift so that we may enjoy it, whether it’s dancing with your friends or feeling peaceful in your room.

Music is important, yes, and should be treated with care, yes, but there are many different acceptable types of music with different purposes. But I would say it more makes us feel rather than makes us who we are.